For a number of Native American tribes, the Medicine Wheel is  powerful sacred symbol and tool. Each tribe has its own understanding of the nature and use of a Medicine Wheel. Broadly speaking, a Medicine Wheel reflects the fundamental cornerstones of creation – a map of the cosmos. Each direction corresponds to a different element or aspect of creation.

To the East, a seeker will find the Sacred Direction corresponding to Air, to lightning, to ideas and innovation, to messengers and to the Heyoka (the Coyote Trickster).

To the South, a warrior will find the Sacred Direction corresponding to Fire, to defence, to blood, and to the Snake.

To the West,  a traveler will find the Sacred Direction corresponding to Water, to intuition, to emotion, to silence, to the ocean and to Sacred Mystery.

To the North, a prayerful one will find the Sacred Direction corresponding to Earth, to abundance, to daily work, to the harvest, and to the Standing Ones, the Stone People and White Buffalo Woman.

It is said by some tribes that a human walks the Good Red Road in their lifetime – from South to North, balancing the energies of the masculine East, and the feminine West. Within the Medicine Wheel can be found all the ancestor spirits from all the realms, and understanding the full meaning of the Wheel can take a lifetime.



Through a meticulously laying of sacred objects like shaman stones, a Medicine Wheel can be made that creates a sacred space for healing and other purposes. When forming the Medicine Wheel, the shaman calls in the Guardians of each Lodge (each direction), bringing representatives of these sacred ancestors to hold that space. This creates a ring of energy held in place by powerful spiritual beings, dedicated to a specific purpose.

When the Medicine Wheel is constructed clockwise, it can pull in any energy (or medicine) required by the shaman. When the Medicine Wheel is constructed counter-clockwise, it can push out or keep away any energy that is not wanted.

In this way, the Medicine Wheel amplifies healing energies, and releases  energies that are no longer serving the recipient of healing. It acts both as a vortex and a protection circle at once. The experience can be very intense and powerful. The Living Wheel uses Medicine Wheels as the cornerstone to healing, journeying and soul retrieval / release.