The Living Wheel is named after the sacred Native American teaching called the “medicine wheel”.

The medicine wheel is a sacred teaching that guides us in living in a good way.

It creates sacred space, blesses prayers and connects us with all our spiritual allies and teachers.

For a number of Native American nations, the Medicine Wheel is  powerful sacred symbol and tool. Each tribe has its own understanding of the nature and use of a medicine wheel.

Generally a medicine wheel has five directions. Each direction corresponds to a different element and quality.

 East – the element of Air, and the quality of imagination and thought.

 South – the element of Fire, and the quality of sacred warriorship.

West,  the element of Water, and the quality of emotion and intuition.

North – the element of Earth and the quality of prayer and service.

Center – the element and quality of the Self.

One teaching is that a human walks the Good Red Road in their lifetime – from South to North, balancing the energies of the masculine East, and the feminine West.



By carefully placing sacred objects, I can make a medicine wheel – a form of sacred space. This sacred space enhances healing and magic.  When forming a medicine wheel, I call in the Guardians of each Lodge (or direction).  This creates a ring of energy held in place by powerful spiritual beings, dedicated to a specific purpose.

A medicine wheel amplifies healing energies, and releases  energies that are no longer serving the recipient of healing. It acts both as a vortex and a protection circle at once. The experience can be very intense and powerful.

I use medicine wheels as the cornerstone to my work. They are powerful and have a very pure energy. I look forward to sharing them with you.


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