Healing / Readings

 Healing Sessions

A blend of  various traditional healing practices and energies  to assist your wellbeing at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Benefits include:

  • Pain release;
  • Stress reduction;
  • Mental and emotional clarity;
  • Support for the resolution of physical conditions such as chronic illnesses and conditions; and
  • Soul wounds.

50 minute session – $150

Each subsequent 30 minutes – $50




Drawing on guidance through Great Spirit and Sacred Mystery, you will be provided with powerful energies and information to support you in your life choices and directions. Benefits include:

  • Spontaneous release of karma;
  • Mental and emotional clarity;
  • Spiritual coaching; and
  • Support in making important decisions in your life.


35 minute session – $80

50 minute session – $150


To book a session, click here.

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