Healing Sessions

The Living Wheel offers hands on energy healing sessions to help you heal from physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges. Energy healing sessions can address trauma, chronic illnesses and long term negative conditions. The Living Wheel uses a custom blend of healing techniques based on what you will need to overcome your unique situation.

Some of the techniques used by the Living Wheel are:

  • Divine Intervention – An ancient curanderos healing technique that calls in miracle energies that can result in spontaneous remission of long-standing wounds and traumas. Good for chronic illnesses like diabetes,  immune system imbalances or emotional/mental issues that don’t respond to conventional treatments (such as some forms of depression).
  • Huna healing – A powerful healing technique that cradles your body and spirit in a safe space and encourages self-alignment and healing. Very good for relieving stress, mental fatigue, and other stress-related issues.
  • Ear spiral technique– A complete curanderos technique (requiring 3 sessions or more usually) to revitalize and renew every cell in  your body at all levels, done to the DNA in each cell. Very good for youthing, hereditary conditions, and genetically-caused concerns.
  • Shamanic Healing – Traditional shamanic practices, such as sound healing, hands on healing and soul retrieval to help with ailments. Very good with issues arising from the spiritual level.

You may experience, pain relief, spontaneous remission, accelerated healing, emotional balancing and more!


Akashic Record Readings

Get insight to help guide your life choices and soul path from the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones. An Akashic Record Reading can provide the assistance you need for any issue or challenge that requires clarity. The Akashic Records are an energetic realm where the information on your soul in all its lifetimes are kept – and can be transformed with the aid of the highest guides.

Akashic Record Readings are good for:

  • Identifying your soul purpose or dharma – if we are trying to find a fulfilling way of living, Akashic Records can help you discover your talents and best possible pathway.
  • Clarifying blocks – Always wanted a dream job, or to change bad habits? Having a string of events that impact you negatively or suspect that there is a feng shui problem in your home? Akashic Records can identify the root cause of your issue and recommend solutions.
  • Making healthy life choices – Whether you are faced wit decisions about relationships, family matters, investment or physical well-being, Akashic Records can give you the information you need to move forward with power and wisdom.


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