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In our bodies and souls are magical energies. When we open to our magical nature, we can transform our life.

We are miracles in the making.

I offer two powerful Mayan teachings that will help you to create the change you need in your life, in the most surprising ways.



You are radiant. Your light surrounds you in the form of an aura. Your aura is highly visible to intuitive people, children and spiritual healers.  Your aura plays a critical role in shaping your mood, your thoughts and your energies. These in turn attract certain things to you and push away others.

The Curanderos teach how to  emanate specific colours and shapes with special techniques that will transform your aura to attract what you want in life.

One way I can help you do this is to create a custom Light Language Grids tailored made to your needs. These grids are like self-powering prayers and rituals in a beautiful visual form. They work automatically a send powerful colors and shapes into your aura.

If you want to sell your property, get a better job, get spiritual support for your studies, or get clarity on your life purpose, Light Language Grids are for you!

There are three forms of grids offered:


  • 7 shape grids – good for chakra balancing and general well being.


  • 49 shape grids  – manifest important goals (typically within a year) such as setting up a successful business or getting a better job.


  • 144 shape grids – powerful grids that work in this life and other lifetimes – manifest your life purpose, empower financial abundance, increase your psychic abilities permanently or more!




DNA is the basic building block for all organic beings. DNA tells your cells what to create and replicate in our bodies.  Your environment, emotions and experiences determine  which part of your DNA manifests in your life.

The Mayan lineage teaches that your DNA is both physical and energetic, and that there are 12 essence strands throughout each person. These strands can be healed to resolve long standing blocks and unhealthy patterns.

I work in two ways with DNA. I can support processing and releasing unhealthy elements with a Clearing Map made just for you. I can help you fundamentally change your DNA with a DNA strand map, which adds positive qualities into your life.

Clearing Maps – a carefully guided healing process where the client removes physical and energetic issues. This includes:

  • Physical challenges – useful with hereditary conditions (such as allergies, immune system issues, diabetes and so on). Also good on long term pains, such as chronic back pain, neck pain and so on.


  • Mental and Emotional clearing – clear out negative mental patterns (e.g. procrastination, addictions, writer’s block) and emotional trauma (negative emotional memories, phobias, heartbreak). Particularly good for karmic and inherited patterns.


DNA Strand map – a carefully guided healing process that can remove issues like Clearing Maps and install good qualities into your DNA.  These includes:

  • Physical benefits – health, youthing, flexibility, energy, healthy hormone functions, healthy blood circulation and more!


  • Mental and Emotional benefits – clarity, creativity, abundance, joy, peace, mindfulness, patience and more!


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