DNA Healing and Light Language Grids


Powerful Curanderos techniques that map out the 12 energetic strands of energy that correspond to your DNA. These grids are intended to pull in powerful spiritual energies to release and/or call in any energies you choose. Release long-standing personal challenges and health issues, and then attract in positive blessings such as abundance and clarity into your life. A powerful tool for manifestation, you will be empowered to shape your life in precisely the way that you want. Each session can last from an hour to three and is an intense journey at all levels.

Each Map – $288


Sacred Geometry and Colours are combined into a variety of grids to create shifts in the energetic aura through the chakras, the subtle fields and at the soul level. The grids are like a ceremony condensed into a visual form. These grids constantly work in the background by adjusting, healing, transforming and illuminating your energies. Rates include Skype consultation and clarification, and the time taken to make the grids.

7 Shape Chakra Grid – $88

49 Shape Manifestation Grid – $248

144 Shape Manifestation Grid – $488


To book a session, click here.

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