My name is Jeff Wong

I began studying healing because I face depression, isolation and social anxiety as a young child. I was so depressed I started to self harm.

In 1997, I received a miraculous intervention. My mother insisted I speak to  a Catholic nun even though I had left the faith. Surprisingly the nun taught me qi gong – she was the daughter of a master.

The first time I raised my hands I felt a solid mass, like a pliable wall of water swirling around my hands. I then came to believe energy – life force, chi, spirit – truly existed.

Since then I have been on a ceaseless quest to learn and practice. At every point in my life when I was ready for the next level of training, Great Spirit and Sacred Mystery brought the right teacher into my life.

I will always be grateful for having studied with some of the world’s best healers.

Jeff holds an LLB from the National University of Singapore.


Jeff wishes to honour his teachers, including:

Daniel Darby / Helen Forty – Crystal Winds Healing

Stella Fuentes, Selena Rodriguez, Sioux Storm, and the Mayan / Curanderos lineage

Elisabeth Jensen  – Auset Temple Healing

Sri MulyadiThe Blue Lotus

Taveta K Grant – Awakenings

Sri Kaleshwar  / Monika / Nityaananda / Gary – Divine Lineage

Simon Kee / Chu Ming Hui – Munay Ki

CK Lee

And all other teachers, living and in spirit.